The Freshome Dream Living Room

We take for granted that the living room is actually the place we do it in our lives. It is a place that serves multiple purposes and pleases multiple personalities. The living room is a place for parties and a place for movie nights. It’s a port that will catch your breath after a long day and families can come together through thick and thin and enjoy each other’s company. So it’s no surprise that the Fresh team has some opinions on what makes a good living room. Let’s take a look at what the Dream Living Room really needs to shine.

When voting, we all agreed that there are certain important things that every living room should have. There is a couch, comfortable and big enough to accommodate everyone in the family. Then the accent furniture pops up the space. And we can’t forget the TV that serves as the home’s warmth in the digital age. But what makes one room separate from another? It’s all about personality and the pieces you collect in space. We voted our Freshham team to find out what pieces are in the dream room and are completely decisive and that makes all the difference when it comes to your design.

Love color or sofa with accent color

One of the most fun pieces to shop for your dream room is a accent love seat or sofa. You may want to become more traditional with your primary couch color (see below), this is a little fun place. Who says that with the maximum of trends, you can’t afford a jewel-toned sofa as a rich velvet? Or a thick, sized outfit? Really, this is your chance to dream something in your head, then buy it to your home.

If you’re looking for a place to start, we recommend one of our Freshome favorites: Drake’s Sofa in West Elm, pictured above on Dark HorseRudish. Some of our writers prefer a bright pop of yellow, while others prefer a more lush look of distressed velvet in the Forest or Dusty Blush. With all this said, your accent furniture is the place to choose a piece that will showcase your design preferences and hug your friends.

Giant couch

The right couch can be the focal point of any dream room. When choosing the color of your couch, wanting to go big and bold can be tempting. After all, this is a piece that everyone is looking at and sitting by. But don’t forget that this is your home’s biggest investment (the best couches aren’t cheap!) And you’ll want to love it for years to come.

Neutral colors give you the flexibility of changing a room without the need to buy a new couch. All you need is new throw pillows and your couch can work with any theme. When it comes to shape, try to strike a balance between interesting and classic so choose a design that has the power to last you. We love the good, square compartment sofa or inviting you to step down, like West Elm’s Hamilton Leather Sofa. Still not sure which couch is right for you? Check out this guide on different sofa styles for more clarity.

Wall art

Your Living Room Wall Art is your chance to really brighten up your personality and have some fun! You may want a bright and open feel to the space of your room. In such a case, it is a matter of placing a large mirror on the main walls. It reflects the light, the place is bright and adds an interesting design element.

Or you really want to add some personal ability. Living room is a suitable place for the gallery wall. When assembling the gallery wall, our Freshholm team will say:

Art that you really love, like photos that have personal meaning or are paintings your kids made in the classroom.
Something thought-provoking like a mounted sculpture element, abstract art piece or black and white photos.
Large piece of anchor to design. If there is only one piece you want to draw attention to, consider adding a floating bundle to act as your base.
We’ve completed more gallery wall hacks to help you pull the whole thing together.

When looking for art for your living room, do not settle because you think you should get something on the walls. Wait for something to really talk to you. Remember, you’re working to create your dream room! And getting around the art you really love makes your dream living room a really enjoyable place to spend time with.

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